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Kenya Getaway

There is a place on Earth where dreams of being in the center of unbridled nature come true. Hunting lions, laughing hyenas and majestic elephants can all be found among breathtaking endless landscapes. Welcome to Kenya!

Africa is still wrongly associated with hostile wilderness among tourists. A wisely organized expedition to Kenya will be an unforgettable experience. It is one of those wonderful places in the world where you can combine all the necessary comforts of a luxury holiday with a trip into the wild.

Kenya is certainly a must place to visit for all the lovers of wildlife. The main attraction here is a safari trip, where you can see the animals in their natural habitat from close range. There is also plenty of attractions in the form of water sports, beautiful beaches with fine sand and superb diving spots.

How to best organise a vacation in Kenya?

There are travelers who organise their journey to the wilderness of Africa by themselves. To survive in Kenya on your own however, you must be a frequent traveler and have a lot of money. For everyone else, there are plenty of travel agents who will organise this trip for you. What are the benefits? First and foremost – safety. With a proven travel agent, you will find qualified guides on-site and residents who will give you a sense of psychological comfort and surround us with the necessary care. They will also take care of organising all the activities.

What is worth remembering before traveling to Kenya?

Although vaccinations are not compulsory for entry, it is recommended to get vaccinated against yellow fever, hepatitis (types A and B), polio, diphtheria, malaria and tetanus.

As with any other trip taking place outside of European Union, it is essential to check whether your passport on the day of departure will be valid for at least 6 months and that it has at least two blank pages left to stamp a Kenyan visa. After completing the appropriate form, you can buy the visa at the airport upon arrival for a cost of around £50.

What should you pack in your suitcase?

Even if you have received a vaccination against malaria, you should still take a lot of mosquito repellents.

Although you are going to a country known for its hot weather, remember that a trip to the safari and other attractive excursions will often begin early in the morning or even at night, when it is cold. This is why you should not forget to take a long sleeve shirt or a fleece along with some long pants made out of cotton or linen. Decent headgear and sunglasses, as well as sun cream with a high factor is also a must.

What you should see in Kenya?

First of all – wildlife. There are several National Parks to be found here and these are the three most important ones:

Amboseli: Located at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, on a picturesque plateau, which was once the bottom of a lake. Undisputed kingdom of species such as elephants, hyenas, buffaloes, leopards and lions.

Tsavo: The largest National Park in Kenya. You can see giraffes, elephants and the famous red baboons here.

Masai Mara: A phenomenal place for bird watching. There is a possibility of observing lions during their hunting.

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