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5 Ways Your Plumbing Tells You Have a Plumbing Issue

You have certainly dealt with a plumbing problem at least once in our life. In order to avoid this inconvenience, you should regularly inspect your plumbing system and address issues as they occur. There are certain signs that will let you know something is wrong with your plumbing system. If your plumbing is silent, everything is okay. However, if it makes a variety of noises, you should further inspect it or call a professional to do a routine check. Learn how to pinpoint an exact problem by listening to your plumbing system closely. If you hear the following noises, it would be best to call a local plumber.

Clunking When You Turn Off the Tap

If you hear a huge clanking sound when you turn of the tap, you are dealing with a water hammer. Normally, valves should close slowly avoiding thudding. However, when the air chambers of your gaskets, corrodes or valves are filled with water, they will begin to shut down quickly and make this clunking noise. The problem will start just as an annoyance, but it should be addresses by a plumber soon. If not, over time, it will lead to joint and connections damage.

Whooshing Noise

When the water is turned off, your plumbing system should be silent. If you hear a general whooshing sound, similar to the sound of running water, you may have a leak either in a sewer line or inbound line. Check if your toilet and sinks are on. Also, check past water bills to see if they increased over the past few months. If they did, you are dealing with a hidden leak that, if left unaddressed, can lead to severe structural damage of your home. Call a local plumber to inspect your plumbing system by using specialized technology to inspect the pipes, detect the leak and estimate the damage.

Rattling and Squealing Noise

When you are using water in some way, such as flushing a toilet or running a tap, and you hear this noise, it indicates a pipe is loosened or broken. It can also indicate its mounting strap. You can easily fix it if you don’t have to go through a wall. If you do, leave this job to a professional. Either way, the issue should be addressed to prevent damage to the pipe.

High pitched squealing can be heard when water quickly goes from a large opening into a smaller one. This problem is called cavitation and it is addressed by changing the flush valve on your toilet.

Chattering Noise and Dripping

When washing machines and pumps are improperly connected, your pipes can vibrate and cause chattering noises. By reconnecting everything properly, the vibration will stop. When it comes to dripping, you definitely know you are dealing with a leak. No matter how small it is, make sure you address it because it can merely indicate to a larger problem such as a cracked pipe. If your plumbing system is making strange noises, it is best to call a professional plumber to determine what is the best way to silent your chatty plumbing.